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As former affiliates of Bright Energy and Blue Sky Utility, BPi was involved in the development, design, construction, management and overall EPC contracting for the following winery installations (click on the photos to view larger image):

Solar Farm

Our largest single installation to date is a 25-acre solar farm in a rural area of New Jersey. The utility scale system features 3.7 MW (DC) of single axis and 301 kW (DC) of dual axis tracking systems.

Charles Krug

Featuring a custom solar covered canopy structure to house the winery’s fermentation tanks and production area, the 150,000 sq.ft. integrated roofing and solar installation is 1.18 MW (DC) and produces 1,683,594 kWh per year.

Raymond Vineyards

The 750 kW (DC) project included major facility upgrades to manage operational requirements. The 977,214 kWh/yr system integrated new roofing, structural modifications, custom paving for delivery trucks and loading areas, an EV charging station, and a battery operated solar entry light system.

City of Escondido

Roofing and building improvements were completed simultaneously with solar installations on 8 different sites in the City of Escondido, CA. This 947 kW (DC) multi-phase project included both roof-mount and carport structure installations which produces 1,436,000 kWh /year.

Beringer Vineyards

In 2009, this solar installation for a winery was the largest in the United States. The 1.34 MW (DC) system produces 1,694,104 kWh/yr, which is 21% of the Napa Valley winery’s energy needs. 6,104 solar panels were installed on three buildings, spanning 140,000 sq. ft.

Asti Winery

Constructed concurrently with Beringer Vineyards, this project was the third largest solar installation at a United States Winery in 2009. Utilizing 5,334 solar panels on 5 different roof structures, the 1.15 MW (DC) system generates 1,549,629 KWh per year.

Meridian Vineyards

This exclusive central coast winery received a new roof prior to the installation of a 1.25 MW (DC) solar system. The system generates 1,750,629 kWh/yr, offsetting the operational energy usage.

Chateau St.Jean

This multi-faceted project for a well-known Sonoma County Winery included new roofing, building upgrades and both roof-mount and shade structure solar installations. At 557 kW (DC), this solar system generates 685,233 kWh/yr.

DeLoach Vineyards

This 210 kW (DC) project included the consolidation of electrical meters, new roofing, expanded space for crush operations, improved employee parking, and an EV charging station. The custom installation will produce 310,019 kWh/yr.